Yes on prop. 8

Scott Heaton, a self described social liberal, believes that other social liberals should vote yes on proposition 8 because voting no would take away religious rights and freedoms. He uses an example that “A fertility doctor in San Diego was sued for not performing artificial insemination on a lesbian woman.” He states that this docter had politely declined the offer and gave a name of a docter who would perform the operation.

Later in the article, Heaton talks about a pastor being arrested and convicted of preaching against homosexuality in Sweden; and asks whether a pastor has freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. He also points out that saying homosexuality is a sin does not mean someone should hate another person because of that.

And finally, Scott Heaton makes his last point. If Proposition 8 did not get passed, it would cost religious organizations millions of dollars in legal fees. Law suits against pastors and churches would certainly rack up. And according to “Groups that preach homosexuality is a sin will soon be in danger of losing their tax exempt status,”

Scott Heaton believes that voting yes on prop 8 does not promote hate or bigotry but rather it would protect the civil liberties for all.


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  1. This was very persuasive because you got straight to the claim. And by coming from a legal or a civil rights point of view from the yes on 8 side was very unique, yet truthful. The supports were very convincing, especially about the pastor in Sweden who was aressted for preching against homosexuality. The conclusion really finishes this analysis strong by tying up the these supports.

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