Yes on Prop 8: Gay Marriage Isn’t Marriage

Should the majority of the people of California’s view on certain issues, such as same-sex marriage, be triumphed by court rulings? In the letters to the editor for the Orange County Register, three people made the claim that same-sex marriage is not simply a fight for civil rights and freedoms of gay and lesbian couples, but also a fight for the rights of every man. The popular vote was to outlaw same-sex marriage, and it is a civil right that every American has to vote on laws that are in question. If a majority vote makes the decision to halt gay marriage (twice), then that should be the law. Also, gay and lesbian couples do not want other peoples’ values forced upon them, yet they fail to see that allowing same-sex marriage would force their values upon everyone else. Schools would teach that gay marriage is equal to traditional marriage, and churches would be forced to perform same-sex marriages. Voting yes on proposition 8 would be protecting the values of those who oppose gay marriage, which is a majority of the population. Many people also get very fired up about the topic of allowing gay marriage, to the point where one man and his wife were placing political signs on the street along with “Yes on 8” signs, only to come back to it being vandalized and destroyed. Will this issue cause civil disruption as an everyday event on the streets of our country? It is compromising the freedom of speech on moral issues that arise. Gay marriage is a moral issue, just as murder and theft are as well. These authors target those whose moral grounds stand firm on traditional marriage, and they successfully reach that audience who is willing to fight for what they believe in, which is the one factor that will fuel the arguments for and against same-sex marriage for many years to come.



  1. Friends, be aware that there are persecutions starting up using the donor lists. Your voices in support of these targets is helpful. We shouldn’t let our p8 friends and donors twist in the wind alone. This man stood up for his personal beliefs on family and lost his job this morning because of it.

  2. I think this was a successful rhetorical analysis. It flowed nicely and didn’t sound like it was a homework assignment. I liked that you mentioned that it was also a fight on moral issues, and then compared it to other sins like theft and murder. You might get some nice arguments about that statement. Overall it was a very good post.

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