Protecting Marriage to Protect Children

David Blankenhorn of the Los Angeles Times is a liberal Democrat who doesn’t agree with his party’s belief that same-sex marriage should be legal. His standpoint on marriage may seem contradictory with his politcal views, but Blankenhorn insists otherwise that instead these two connect quite well. He insists that marriage was not created for social recognition, benefits, or sex–it is solely a license to have children. Arguing that marriage is a gift to its next generation, he believes that marriage tells a child that their mother and father who created them will be there to take care of them. Refering to what many scholars believe, he encourages the idea that a child needs their biological mother and father to raise the child in order for a healthy development. To change the means of marriage would undermine its purpose, its right: to have and raise children together. Blankenhorn’s intended audience is his fellow Democratic liberals; he is trying to show the connection in upholding rights for marriage and liberal views. All in all, his outright claim is that marriage must be protected in order to protect children. The rhetorical effectiveness of this article was well put together, but questions may arise when analyzing his point about how children lose their rights when raised by a homosexual couple. Doesn’t the same apply to a child that has been adopted by a heterosexual couple? However, his ethos appeal was effective because he is appealing to the rights of innocent children.


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  1. This was a very well put together blog post. It was very informative and to the point. Though, it seemed that it sort of ended; there wasn’t much of a conclusion. Even though this is just a summary, I would have liked to have some finishing words. But that’s just me.

    Overall, very good.

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