Go Crazy: Yes on Prop. 8


   In times of economic trouble, vote yes on 8 to just make yourself feel like you have a little power. That is exactly the logic that the author takes on the proposition. Maybe it will give you a thrill to deny someone their rights. Most proposition 8 supporters do not see gay marriage as a civil right, yet this author does. By having this view, it shows his desire for power and carelessness in the lives of other people, because he has no moral argument.  It could also make a citizen feel more valuable to society to vote for a life-altering proposition. His final piece of wild logic is that by denying these rights, wedding cakes will not be ordered, hotel rooms will remain vacant, and flowers will not be arranged. Apparently, he believes this to benefit society by taking away extra business in such economically stressful times. It seems as though the author is not against gay marriage and still feels it to be a right. Yet he is still for the proposition. Unlike most proposition 8 supporters, he feels no moral restraint, just the simple enjoyment of messing with homosexuals and a bonus in keeping the economy in a better financial position. The author is trying to reach a target audience of others who are just as careless to the moral issues or personal desires of gay marriage. He is trying to push his audience to do something spontaneous and wild without any strong moral or personal drive. To just go crazy, and vote yes on proposition 8.



  1. okay, wow i had a few typos on my other comment, so here is what i was trying to say lol. I liked the beginning of your analysis, it made me want to keep reading. I couldnt really tell what his/her main point was or claim was, but it was good overall.

  2. This view on Proposition 8 is very interesting and different than any other. That is a unique reason on why to vote yes. Very good analysis of the article and way to present something different than just the usual reasons we hear on why people vote yes, even though they may be motivated for ridiculous reasons like less wedding cakes will be ordered. 🙂

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