Forceful Rhetoricality

We shouldnt force the idea of discrimination on people. Instead we should tell them the whole idea of gay marriage. What most people do is go around the whole point of the argument and inturn confuze people. And you need to make those people who are in between to vote your way. “The key is the middle group, people who oppose anti-gay discrimination but see gender as part of the definition of marriage, not as a discriminatory detail.” People just take the wrong aproach to the whole idea.



  1. Good point, people have the right to be treated equally, but that right shouldn’t jeopardize the constitutional definition of marriage. Through domestic partnership, gays earn the same rights as a married couple.

  2. but the “constitutional” right shouldnt have anything to do with it. it was changed when blacks were actually considered people. or when women received the right to vote.

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